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Spotless Window

When dealing with windows in commercial and mid-rise buildings, it needs lots of skills and expertise to make them glowing and polished. The windows are extremely high, and you don’t possess the proper equipment to have the job completed! Don’t place yourself or your workers in danger by doing work at heights, we provide professional commercial window cleaning services.

Our Commercial Services

Handy Window Cleaner not just sets your building one step ahead but as well convey a message that your building is professional and clean. We’ve got a team of professional window cleaners who are able to complete jobs which other firms usually reject. We carry special safety measures to look after the safety of our employees, those arriving and get out of the building, as well as pedestrians.

We’re backed up with the newest equipment and tools to use on any mid-rise or 10-storey building. We make use of numerous machine-operated equipment, such as lifts and platforms, according to the height and kind of your windows. Our employees are careful to not disturb you or anybody within the building. Once we reach your area, we’ll tell you the process, start setting up the required equipment, and when the job is finished, you will see the building has a new sparkle!

We offer a range of different solutions to match both your property and budget. They are:



The high reach, water fed pole system permits us to thoroughly clean windows and frames, uPVC facades, glass roofs as well as cladding as much as seventy five feet from the ground with no need for costly cherry pickers or cradles.

The vehicles have the water tanks as well as the cleaning tools, and we simply utilize de-ionised water to guarantee the best clean possible. It’s also eco-friendly, with zero additives utilized in the procedure.


We deliver a traditional window cleaning service for people on a lesser budget with much less challenging needs, likewise utilized by residential customers.

We utilize microfibre cleaning sleeves, made for their effective elimination of dirt, that are fixed into a handheld bar and drenched in water combined with a window cleaning solution and used on the glass. After the soapy water has been eliminated, the water runs are easily wiped up using a dry, microfibre fabric for the best possible outcomes.


Utilizing industrial rope access, abseiling is the window cleaning option for those that have towering buildings, such as high office blocks.

Our employees are IRATA trained – the best expert for industrial rope access – to offer a secure solution to advanced cleaning and upkeep of windows, facades as well as structural framework, without creating destruction or interruption.


Advantages When you Hire Professionals for Cleaning your Windows.

Clear Inventory Visibility

Getting clean and presentable displays and windows can make your goods more inviting. This pure tactical advertising and strategic positioning of products invokes clients to invest cash. On this scenario, in case the glass of the shelves or counters isn’t clean, the effect on clients can be really low. Commercial window cleaners make use of custom-made cleaning products to improve the transparency of your window.

Glass Sanitization

Glass sanitization is one other advantage which is provided by commercial window cleaners. Generally, washing of the retail windows as well as glass isn’t enough. A few germs stay trapped in the glass because it is used greatly by lots of people every day. With the assistance of industrial sanitation solutions commercial window cleaners utilize, glass becomes thoroughly cleaned out, as well as germ-free.

Deep Clean

Professional window cleaners give you a deep clean service which eliminates these kinds of stains and gives a buffed up look to that old glass and windows. This cleaning service makes use of specially acquired materials such as cleaning soaps as well as micro-fiber fabrics which deeply clean the glass without difficulty. Given that regular cleaners don’t use such products, the standard of the deep cleaned windows continues to be unquestionable.