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The Non-Chemical Way to Clean Your Windows

Window Cleaning

Cleaning your windows is just one of those jobs which should be carried out every few months. Well-done window cleaning helps you conserve the smooth appearance of your windows. Then again, window cleaning can usually end up in a lot of unattractive streaks which capture the light much like you collapse in an exhausted heap in the sofa.

However it doesn’t need to be like this!

Cleaning up your windows without the need of chemicals could significantly minimize streaks in the glass and allow you to have a complete fulfilling window cleaning experience. Chemical cleaning items are harmful to the environment and also dangerous to our respiratory systems, as well. They could contribute to a lot of allergies and even serious poisoning. Therefore, why don’t you employ substitute products and natural resources to clean up your windows? In the end, you won’t just accomplish the desired result of the flawlessly polished windows, but more you will be capable to save both time and expense.

In this blog, we know all what you should know with regards to windows and just how to clean them best. This article will provide you with a few advice on the most effective ways to clean your windows, so we hope you find this article helpful!

Natural Recipes

To get clean windows without the presence of chemicals, it’s the perfect time to get your rubber gloves on and then mix up your very own solution. The majority of the suggested recipes for natural cleaning solutions you can discover on the internet are affordable, all to easy to make and include simply household ingredients which you might have already. Below are a few example mixtures:

  • Vinegar and water
  • Eco-friendly dish washing liquid, white vinegar, warm water as well as lemon essential oil
  • Lemon juice and warm water

The acidity on items like vinegar and lemon juice is ideal for getting rid of stains and smears, and anything water-based would dry up better compared to chemical solutions without leaving behind any residue. Just be sure you’ve got a lint-free cloth (or maybe even some great old-fashioned newspaper) prepared to dry and polish the particular windows. Or else, you can end up getting water marks.

Not every windows require wet solutions either. In case your windows are just a bit dull or dusty, let them have a vigorous polish using a lint-free cloth and they will return to their very best in almost no time.

Shopping For Eco Cleaning Products

There are lots of other options to the chemical detergents we utilize in our everyday life which could give the same high-quality outcomes with cleaning. They could ease the task of cleaning windows with no need for repeating the activity once again to have shiny looking glass panes.

In case you don’t fancy blending up your own personal cleaning solution, the majority of supermarkets now supply a variety of eco products that will make your windows sparkling without the need of those dangerous chemicals. They might cost you a a bit more however if you would like to be greener, the additional cost could be worthwhile.

Don’t clean windows all by yourself?

Cleaning your windows isn’t a really hard job however it can be quite a time-consuming one. It can be also annoying whenever you’ve spent a couple of hours cleaning up windows, only to discover after you have done that your windows are covered in streaks. Then it is the right time to call a professional.

In the event that you employ a professional window cleaner instead of doing the task by yourself, why don’t you have a talk about the products they’ll use? A lot of window cleaners can adjust their set up and employ more natural, much less environmentally dangerous items upon your request.



Tips And Advice For Maintaining Screens And Windows

Windows have a relatively long useful life. However, the lack of proper maintenance may shorten their life span, determining you to replace them too early to be worth the expense. This article helps you to make your screens and windows last longer. Feel free to use the following maintenance tips to make your windows look like new and maintain their energy efficiency for a very long time.

To start with, you need to know that the windows are the most important surfaces of your building, as they are the ones that enable most part of the thermal transfer between indoor and outdoor air. This means that you have to ensure they are always clean and in perfect functioning condition. Any slight misalignment or disruption in the seal can make your windows less effective in keeping a stable indoor temperature. The best window maintenance tip we can offer you is to perform a detailed inspection of your windows at least twice a year. It is very important to find all problems and to address it while the weather is still warm. If you wait until the colder winter days to fix your windows, you may not be able to find someone to repair your windows fast enough. Besides, you may have a difficult time at finding a professional to come to help you.

As screens and windows are prone to accumulating a lot of dust, you should periodically clean them. Wipe them with a soft cloth and vacuum them thoroughly. You can use the small brush head of your vacuum cleaner to reach even in the narrower spaces. By removing all dust every few weeks or so, you make sure that no dirt and grime deposits will form. Grime is the main culprit for the poor insulation of windows, because it prevents the seals from adhering to the surface of the frame. By removing all dirt before it hardens, you help maintaining the insulating properties of your windows. In addition, consider replacing the rubber seal every five years or so. If needed, replace it even more often. It’s in your best interest to have good windows, as that’s going to help keep your energy bills at bay. Windows that are poorly sealed allow cold temperature inside your rooms, forcing you to pay more to maintain a stable and comfortable indoor temperature.

How to maintain your windows 

When it comes to screens, by vacuuming them often, you remove all dirt particles that could clog the nets, preventing fresh air from entering your home. If your screens are removable, consider washing them at least once a year with soapy water. Make sure you rinse them well, in order to remove all soap residues.

In case you notice any problems with your window frames, address them sooner rather than later. If you overlook such minor issues, they will become big problems that will cost you more to fix. It’s always better to prevent such major problems by inspecting your window frames, hinges and seals every once in a while.

Always use mild cleaning agents when you clean your windows. Avoid rubbing the frames, as you may easily damage them. Once a year or so, consider hiring a professional windows cleaning company to come to clean your screens and windows. This is the best thing you can do in terms of maintenance. Expert cleaners have professional tools and effective cleaning agents, so they an do a much better job than you, with less effort and within a much shorter time. These professionals will also inspect all elements of your windows and will make you the best recommendations to preserve or even improve their energy efficiency.